Instrumentation & Industrial Automation Technology Entrance Exam Information

There are five (5) sections in the Instrumentation & Industrial Automation exam:

  Passing Score



Mechanical Comprehension


Reading Comprehension


Computer Literacy


Distance Learning Readiness


You will have up to four (4) attempts to pass the Mechanical and Reading Comprehension sections of the exam.
You will have up to two (2) attempts to pass the Algebra section of the exam.


Exam Study Guides and Links

Printable Practice Packet - This includes all sections of the exam



Fractions                  Decimals                 Percentages

Algebra Basics - This is an introduction to the basics of Algebra

Khan Academy - This is a Pre-Algebra resource


Mechanical Comprehension

The Mechanical Comprehension section measures your knowledge of straightforward mechanical and physical concepts. This may include levers, pulleys, gears, springs, simple electrical circuits, etc. 

Mechanical Videos - These YouTube videos explain the mechanical and physical concepts you will encounter on your exam.

The Arch    |    Pendulums    |     Force & Inertia     |    Gears & Wheels     |    Levers     |    Winches     |    The Force of Water     |    Pulley Physics

Study Guide - This video is a study guide to the basics of mechanics

Practice Test "A"

Practice Test "B"

Practice Test "C"

Mechanical Comprehension Phone App (Download for Google Android)  (Download for Apple iOS) - This app costs $.99, but includes practice questions with detailed explanations for each correct response. Many students tell us this is a very helpful tool to prepare.  

Reading Comprehension (Accuplacer)

The reading section of the Next-Generation Accuplacer is designed to assess your current reading comprehension skills. This test has no time limit. You can read as slowly as you wish or read the passage multiple times. The difficulty of each question goes up with each correct answer so if you are doing well, you might find yourself encountering more challenging questions.

What to Expect with Accuplacer - This video explains how the Accuplacer portion of the exam works (reading) and what to expect.

Accuplacer Official Practice Test and Guide - This is a free guide that offers a sample test and a learn as you go option. You will need to create a login but the service is free. After your login is created, click on the Next Generation option, then choose Reading

Accuplacer Study Guide - This packet covers the reading portion of Accuplacer with definitions, examples, and key tips.

Accuplacer Video Study Guide (Reading) - This video is a study guide to the basics of reading comprehension.